Thursday, March 19, 2015

I wanna....I'm gonna.....I did.

there's a well guarded spot
in my thought-box
where our journeys are kept

all of it is there
all of it.
I don't go there often
but when I do

giggling out loud
is one thing
snorting to yourself
well that's another

we wanted
we were
we did

the boys don't always admit
that life doesn't suck
sometimes I think
that they don't even admit it
to themselves

but demeanor loses its power
when the bulls are released
in said china shoppe

there will be breakage
there may even be some blood
que sera

they want
they will
it is

it's always the banality
of each and every moment
that fuels my fire

isn't even a word
let alone an option

if you don't know
who the loudest person
in the room is...

I is he
now let's go
for a walk
and whisper.

I wanna
I'm gonna
I did