Friday, March 24, 2017

DragonSlayer Rules - #843

Rule # 843

DragonSlayers cut themselves some slack

You got here by expecting more from self than anyone else could every imagine asking from another person. You will only remain here if you allow yourself to truly rest; Mind, body, and spirit.

A DragonSlayer MAKES time to recharge.

Guilt is for pussies. 


"insert witty parable here.....or not"


You cannot slay dragons with red eyes.

Dragons don't give a f#@$ if you are feeling well today.

The Dragons slept great last night....and do so every night....content with a belly full of DragonSlayers who pushed themselves to the limit and showed up for battle weak and weary.

You fought well yesterday.

You will fight well tomorrow.

Today you will lay

DragonSlayers cut themselves some slack