Friday, March 24, 2017

Where the Hell Did They All Go?!!

Where did all the writers go
Why did they take their words
What were they thinking when they left
Will they send a postcard explaining their absence

Where did all the artists go
Why did they stop creating
What were they going to share with us next
Will they challenge us again.........soon.

Where have all the singers gone
Why did they not sing to us on this night
What were they expecting us to do without a soundtrack
Will they no longer haunt us with exactly what we were thinking

Where have all the thinkers gone
Why haven't they challenged us today to think like they do
What will we do without their special brand of encouragement
Will we have to think for ourselves.....for now on.

Where did all the writers go
Why did they not take me with them
What are they talking about right now
Will they miss me shedding light on their bullsh** every chance I get



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