Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Small, incremental changes can improve your life - Restitutions PART 3

Back in school I knew guy who literally ran off an joined the circus. He didn't have to run far. We lived in Central Florida and were only a couple of hours drive from the home of the Greatest Show on Earth and their world famous Clown College.

When I caught up with him a few years later he was following the elephants with a wheel barrow and shovel. I asked him if ever thought about getting a 'real job'. He said, "What? And give up show business!"

Seriously, sometime the fear of change can immobilize even the bravest among us. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Since New Years day I've been writing about making RESTITUTIONS instead of resolutions. And together we have been wrestling with the idea that there are some things we owe to ourselves that can be accomplished through small, incremental changes.

If you haven't yet read the first two installments, I strongly encourage you to go back and check them out right now:

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So far we have:
  • taken a quick look in the rear view mirror
  • made a list of 3 things we feel need to be RESTORED in our lives
  • Read the list out loud to ourselves
  • Shared the list with another human being / potential accountability partner
Congratulations! You have already made some serious progress towards positive change that can lead to the life of your dreams.

Now that we have our road maps, it's time to 'hit the road'. We are ready to begin making small, incremental changes to our daily lives.

Pick one of the items from your list. Don't over think it, just grab one.

Take a blank piece of paper, or open a new Word document, and write this item on the top of the page.

Spend no more than 3 minutes writing down every roadblock you can think of that has kept you from accomplishing this, or has deterred you from trying. We need a complete brain dump here. Right it all down. You will NOT be sharing this with anyone, so let it all come out on the page.

Go ahead, do it now. I'll wait.

This is me waiting.

Okay, all done?


 Here is what I came up with when I did this exercise:

Submit three short stories for publication and / or writing contests

  • Only have two half written stories
  • My third story idea isn't 'flushed out' yet
  • Have not been making enough time to write
  • Not sure who to submit to
    • feel overwhelmed by amount of contests and publications
    • havn't made time for proper research
    • need to read the publications or past winner of contests to better understand expectations
  • Fighting doubts about the quality of my writing, my ideas, and my execution of story lines
  • Will anyone read it
  • I'll get rejected
  • I won't get a response at all
Okay, I think you get the idea.

Let it all out. Then, when you are done with your list, remember no more than 3 minutes, I want you to put it way. That's right, put it away in a safe, private place and let it sit there. Just for a day or two. Let it simmer.

Besides, we've made some real progress. Time for a break.

So, go read a book, take a walk, or what ever it is you do when you do what you do.  

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But either way, don't forget,......... 'dream big, act swiftly....' - b2