Sunday, April 28, 2013

b2 publishing Celebrates 5000 unique visits with a NEW Chapter of 'ATG'

FLAT ROCK, NC., April 28, 2013 –

'Today is tha' Day, boys and girls'.

In celebration of our 5000th page view, which happened early this morning, b2publishing will be releasing the second episode of the serial anthology known as 'After the Gun' on Sunday, 4/28.

Being that it is the morning of 4/28, I have some writing to do. That's right, it is just a few hours from publication, yet not a single word has hit the page. This is not due to procrastination, excessive ponderance of my navel area, nor can anyone blame the proliferation of "WMD's" (women of major disruption). The fact that 'After the Gun' will be written immediately prior to launch is by design.

As a follow up to the underground sensation, 'UTG', 'After the Gun' is experimental literature, with half the carbs of the leading brand.

Be sure you stay very close to your mobile device of choice today, my friends. As they say in the world of flashback radio, '..minds will melt, time travel will occur..'.

And (this is for you Mrs. Andrews) as an ADDED BONUS, this and all subsequent chapter of 'ATG' will be available via SMASHWORDS

Like any self respecting peddler of belletristic dogma I will ensure that the early issues are absolutely free. However, my agent (and my bookie), have insisted that I make arrangements to charge a small token fee for future episodes.

So, to ensure you get in on the ground floor, BE SURE TO:

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