Monday, December 2, 2013

The Myrth of Multitasking: DAY 2 / The Research

I embarked on a quest. A search for the truth. A journey into the unknown. Then I had some oatmeal. Not instant either, the real deal that takes a whole five minutes to cook.

Multitasking has become the norm in so many facets of our lives and I aim to expose it for what it is. It is one of those words that you are never sure if you should put a dash in the conjunction. Some people do, some don't. I think it may be a regional thing, perhaps it could be the subject of my next investigative report.

Many have come before me and blazed a trail that I will follow as far as I need to in order to find the truth. Or, at until I run out of gas money.

If you are brave enough to join me on this grand adventure I recommend you start at the beginning:

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If you find your self completely overwhelmed, you may want to start with something more drastic:

The Lost Art of Simplicity

You're still here. Good. Let's press on.


Tremendous resources were expended. Much time was invested. Numerous experts were contacted. Then I decided to end the Google search before the light turned green.

 While I didn't come to any great conclusions, I did grab a few sweet quotes about multitasking:

"multi-tasking.........caused a greater decrease in IQ than smoking pot..."

                                                                                - Institute of Psychiatry at the University of London

"Companies now create policies that force their employees to multitask. It's an OSHA problem. It's not safe for people's brains."

                                                                                 -Clifford Nass, Stanford University

"(multitasking is a) mythical activity in which people believe they can perform two or more tasks simultaneously as effectively as one.”

 "Exercise freaks ... (they) are the ones putting stress on the health care system."
                                                                                     -Rush Limbaugh, Fitness Expert

Now that I have gathered all the pertinent data, and a few clothes hangers, I can move forward.
The next logical step is to start conducting some of my own case studies. But first I need to finish this stew I've been stirring so I can get the crock pot off of my laptop.

Tune in tomorrow for more on this developing investigation, and maybe a pot roast recipe for good measure:

The Myrth of Multitasking: b2 reveals the great conspiracy in a 31 day expose'