Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Myrth of Multitasking: DAY 3 - Measuring Success, one gig at a time.....

When I first began my initial research into 'The Great Hoax of the 21st Century' I had no idea that I would find such a tangled web of deception. Not since water fluoridation began in the 1950's has a conspiracy of this magnitude been propagated on the masses. The people needed a voice, a champion, a hero. But since none of those were available on short notice, they got a pontificator. Me.

I am now stranger to undercover investigative reporting and blowing the whistle on the powers that be. You may remember my celebrated work back in the 80's on Retsin and it's link to the sparks created when you chew a cinnamon Certs in the dark. I also played a part in exposing the arcane practice of giving golfers a short little pencil with no eraser.

But nothing could prepare even the most seasoned professional for what I was to find when I started asking questions about multitasking. Someone, or something, did not want this story told. Among the many signs I was getting close were the many threats and invasions of my privacy:
  • my junk mail was ransacked, on several occasions
  • someone repeatedly wrote "wash me" in the dust on the back window of my car
  • none of my eBay bids for corn flakes in the shape of a bitcoin resulted in win
  • it took me more than fifteen minutes to sign up for car insurance on-line and I didn't save fifteen percent either!
They know I'm on to them. It's clear that they want to stop me from getting to the bottom of this mystery. Slow me down they might, but stopped I will never be.

But right now I gotta go. Apparently someone thinks it's my birthday, cause there's a 'Candy-Gram' at the door.

Stay tuned truth-seekers. We're getting close (to what, I have no idea....).  - b2

The Myrth of Multitasking: b2 reveals the great conspiracy in a 31 day expose'

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