Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Myrth of Multitasking Day 4: How quickly we will revert

The mute button may very well be the single biggest offender of technology that enables our yearning for constant multitasking. Not the smart phone, the TV remote, nor the toggling of spreadsheets causes more unproductive (and rude) behavior.

Imagine conference calls and webinar with no mute feature. Imagine not being able to rat-a-tat-tat on your keyboard during a meeting. Can you fathom people not being able to hold side bar conversations, update their status, or change their oil while pretending to listen and participate in the discussion.

What would happen then?

Would we pay more attention, or would we just have less conference calls?

I can tell you one thing, least I wasn't changing my oil. That stuff is good for a lot longer than they let on. But I will cover that in another investigation.

Sleep well tonight my friends. All of the techs that usually monitor the cameras embedded in your Digital Ready Televisions are busy working on some type of government website thingy.

'Stay tuned, turn it up, and drop in.....' - b2

The Myrth of Multitasking: b2 reveals the great conspiracy in a 31 day expose'