Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The real deal ....(Hollyfield)

Time to get to the bottom of all of this,
But we must start right from the top.
There is so much needing to be said,
Been sitting on it til I think I'm gonna pop.
This is where the fainthearted need to walk,
Log off,  check out, back away and head for the door.
Its gonna get deep, real, and maybe even a little awkward,
But those that are already ready will be begging for more.
First there are ground rules that we all must agree,
Can't be broken, negotiated, or taken out of que.
For you are already standing on ground that is hallowed,
And will not readily grasp how much of this is about you.
Prepare yourself, get your head on right,
What you are about to hear is clear out-a- site.
Dig down deep, with all of your precious God-given might.
Look beyond the page and open yourself to what I'm about to write.
This is not IT.
It's not what it's all really about.
Put away your misconceptions, do it now.
I'll wait.
Because we can't afford any loss of comprehension or reduction of clout.
I have seen the other side,
And received the message we've been seeking.
We've been given a gift,
A present that presently keeps us in the moment,
The bucket has been thoroughly kicked, and is severely leaking.
As long as you are with me,
And haven't succumbed to second thoughts.
Let's dive a little more,
Take a deep breath or we shall All get caught.
Down here, in the midst of our unspoken fears,
Lies the reason for all of our various seasons.
The leaves don't fall down here, at least not in their own.
You gotta shake the shit out of them things, regardless of your reasons.
Further exploring the landscape you should expect,
Inspect, and detect many things learned,
Then forgotten, removed, and immediately burned.
Mark my words, do this before the next page is quickly turned.
You can go there too, whether you sought, wished, or yearned.
All it takes is a modest investment, of your resources and your time.
Plastic is not accepted and there is not an ATM for miles.
Cash may be King, but the heart obeys a Queen that  is quite pissed.
Give of yourself freely and crank up the dials, be all smiles.
Oh yeah, I left something out, a detail that may effect your willingness to press on.
Nails and nerves of steel alone are not always enough to shore up the strongest of wills.
Won'ts won't get you a pass, dont's don't have any meaning round here.
The only route that one can take is to find the quiet and remain absolutely still.
Do what you gotta do, I'm not here to tell you it's easy,
Nor does it involve the peasy, the lemon, or the often present squeezy.
It's not going to come natural, I won't be there to serve as a guide.
You will have to go it alone, even after you get a little quezy.
Push through those early signs of misguided warning,
Have some faith, a little back bone won't exactly kill ya.
Though a large one swung at high speed against your noggen tends to cause some swelling.
Telling me, you really are, telling them,  gets you  nod from Jah.
Once you've entered the proper state of unencumbered thought,
Listen closely for the song that lives inside of your dread.
The rhythm come first, followed by the eb and flow,
Move your fingers slowly before banging ones head.
Your arms will soon beg to follow suit,
But don't feel like you must force the issue.
It is, after all, your song. Your song, after all, is after all.
Know this, you will be back. No one here is going to miss you.
Except for me.......

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