Tuesday, March 11, 2014

the bend

'When do we get to the fun part', I heard my son say.
'When does hard stuff end, when will the road start to bend'
'When do we get to the fun part, when can I run and play.'

It resonated with me like the vibe of a thousand Gregorian chants.
Over and over it played, in my head, on my mind, in the air above my chi.
So I had to ask myself in quite the interrogative way,
'When DO we get to the fun part, when do we run and play?'

It stuck with me even as I moved on throughout my gotta-go day.
Pushing, reaching, making things click; often enough to make a grown man sick.
Balance the priorities, spin all the plates, fit in some fun there has to be a way.

Several days later, while sweating and stressing, it came in a flash.
Why fret and run all day long when a destination has not even been picked.
There has to be answers along this journey of lessons that last our whole lives.
There must be a way to even the strain, minimize the pain, all without hives.

Can it be this simple, there has to be a catch.
All I have to do is make time to let it all go.
Be still, meditate, pray. Throw off the lock, undo the latch.
When all is silent and there us a complete lack of focus,
The path becomes clearer, the true priorities come into view.

I'm not a preacher or a mystic, this is no hocus-pocus.
Zero out in order to allow yourself the chance to really zero in.
Unplug, log off, do whatever it takes to keep all wolves at bay.
Be with yourself, without any motive, and find out where you've been.

When do we get to the fun part? You may already know.
But you must take the time to ask yourself the question.
Giving the answer a chance to come when it is so.
When does the hard stuff end, could it be just around the bend?

What if this is the fun part, and we forgot to run and to play.
If I don't show my boys the way, what  kind of message does it send........
....around the bend.