Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the meaning of strife.....

I embarked on a journey that took me far from my home.
Many moons I was away in search of a noble path.
Climbing rock and crossing treacherous river beds,
I continued on with blistered feet and bleeding hands.

Nothing could stop me from reaching my goal.
No one could reach me as I plodded onward into the abyss.
Days passed and my mind was lost in constant hallucinations.
Finally the destination that had called me came into view.

Just beyond a gnarly aging tree older than time,
In a dark cave lit only by the whites of my bulging eyes.
Deep in a corner sat the wisest of the wise,
Mentor, muse, guru, and saint all wrapped up into one.
Slowly his dark squinty eyes peered at me below
The ragged brim of his filthy rotting sampan.
His right cheek winced several times as he
Struggled painfully to speak his ancient truth.

I knelt before him, more to hear his faint whisper,
Than out of some pathetic attempt at respect.
He stamped his foot twice on the dusty cave floor.
Then breathed into my ear the words I was born to hear...............

"sauerkraut is your destiny......."