Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 - The Year in PRE-View

Prepare to change the world.

Yes, you.

Staring contest-'GO!'

Why? Because you should always be prepared to change the world.

Yeah, it is a new year.....

But more importantly, it's A NEW DAY -

Today IS tha' Day!!

And today I have visions, revelations, I dare say PREDICTIONS......

2014 - The Year in PRE-view:
  • The Rich will get RICHER
    • Over the last few years I have been on a quest to wrap my head around the universal fascination with new year resolutions and new years day traditions. While many of us strive to make better financial decisions, or eat enough collard greens to choke a wil-da-beast, the real key is to realize how rich we already are.
      • The Key - Spend some quiet time (un-connected) and reflect on your blessings. Do this as a daily habit and you will continue to feel, and be, richer than you ever imagined.
An example of disconnected thought (about what, I have no idea).

  • The YOU Generation will make its mark.
    • Individuals will make more of a difference in 2014 than any government, business, or non-profit. Individuals that will step up and look beyond their own circumstances reaching out to add value to other people's lives.
      • The Key - Realize that you don't (necessarily) need to be a missionary in a far off land to be a blessing. Listen to those around you, step a few blocks off of main street, turn off you media device and give of your most valuable resource - YOUR TIME.
                                               Make a friend, be a friend, lend a hand.

  • YOU will read something that will make you think.
                                                   Read the classics - Cracked, Mad, UTG
  • Coffee will come back home.
    • The heyday of paying FourBucks for a cup of joe has passed and home-brew will have a whole new meaning.
      • The Key - whether you consume java or not, have a fancy one-cup-at-a-time-gourmet-machine, or love thick sludge from a Mr. Hoppee - bring caffeine back to where it belongs - to a ceramic mug on your back porch.
                                                        If you must have coffee out, go local.
  • b2 will run for office
    • Okay, let's be real. The pontificator at large hasn't run anywhere since peanut butter went on sale at Wally-World. But 'walking' for office will become the phrase that pays and a grass-roots campaign will cause one letter and one number to be written in on ballots all over the world
      • The Key - pull out your 'Pedro for President' t-shirts and 'I like Ike' buttons and do a little sharpie-update so that 'dream big, act swiftly....' becomes the mantra of a generation.
                                                            If elected I vow to shave at least quarterly.
  • Patience will become cool again.
    • Based on the amount of you that read this far, the virtue of days gone by is obviously making a come back.
      • The Keys -
        • Turn off your email alerts
        • Put your mobile device on stun
        • Listen more than you talk
        • Put at least three car lengths between you and the Tuesday driver in the car in front of you
        • Tip a server based on their merits, NOT on how long it takes the cook to kill your well-done tee-bone.
                                        The sun will come up tomorrow, do your best to be here for it.

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